Stage 2: Submitting a complaint

If you decide to submit a formal complaint, you can do so by sending your complaint to the Executive Board of Vrije Universiteit (EB). The same applies if you wish to submit an academic integrity complaint about a staff member of VUmc. You can submit your complaint by signed letter or email. The address details are given below:

By letter:

Marked “confidential”

Vrije Universiteit
Executive Board
Attn: Rector
De Boelelaan 1105

By email:

Marked “confidential”  (Paulien Oosterhuis, Rector Secretariat)

Your complaint must always include your name, position, address and email address. You must also clearly indicate the person against whom you are complaining, explain what the complaint is about, and why you think the complaint is an academic integrity issue. If necessary, you can enclose or attach supporting documentation. If your complaint concerns plagiarism, you must submit both the original source and the section of text that was plagiarized in your opinion. The EB will take receipt of your complaint and forward it to the CWI for assessment and, if necessary, further handling.