Campus development

The university owes it primary right to life to education and research. This requires buildings where students can attend lectures and staff can present them, where they can carry out research, and where they can support students with their studies. Our buildings, dating from the 70’s, are overdue for renewal and replacement because they no longer meet the demands of the current time and are expensive in terms of maintenance and energy use. Flexibility, sustainability, and being cost conscious are important parameters for campus development. New education and work modalities are being shaped currently and in the future by the buildings’ new designs and configuration. The advent of student housing and more elaborate sporting and cultural programmes will increasingly transform the campus into being part and parcel of the city.

The VU, as an organic part of Amsterdam, is an (international) community that partners with other centers of knowledge, and cooperates with social organizations as well as the corporate community. The VU campus has all the requisite facilities for education and research and offers modern laboratory facilities (e.g., ML-I/II/III Labs and a Human Performance Lab with climate controlled rooms). In 2020 you will be able to visit the theatre or go to a film. The possibility of starting a new company on the campus will be facilitated by the Amsterdam Venture Studios, enabling one to use the knowledge, coaching, and network of researchers and the IXA. On the VU Campus one is moreover in close proximity to talented students.

New University Building

You will be able to enjoy an evening movie in the same space where lectures are given during the day - the New University Building will prioritize multifunctionality

O|2 Lab building

Research in the field of Human Life Sciences

Campus square

Campus square will be given an urban - but green - atmosphere and it will become the heart of the university