New University Building

Visiting address

De Boelelaan 1111
1081 HV Amsterdam

You will be able to enjoy an evening movie in the same space where lectures are given during the day - the New University Building will prioritize multifunctionality. It will combine teaching, research and the cultural programme of De Griffioen in the same rooms. The New University Building is located in the centre of the Campus, between the Care and Welfare Educational Institute (OZW), the Transitorium and the Energy Centre. The building features an underground car park: P3 VU Campus. By moving parking underground the quality of public space will be improved and the campus will feature more green areas. The car park has charging stations for electric cars. The bicycle parking facility will occupy one story under the new road that is created between the New University Building and OZW building.

Together with O|2 Lab Building, the New University Building will replace most of the current Mathematics and Physics Building (W&N). The first tenants of the offices will be scientific research groups. There is scope for innovative teaching such as intensification, digitization, a range of study areas, and space for people to come together to exchange knowledge. The heart of the building will be formed by the atrium on the ground floor, where the grand café and shops will also be located. The first floor will accommodate the Library Learning Center (LLC).

Architects Barry van Waveren and Jeroen van Schooten of Team V Architecten have designed a modest, flexible and sustainable (Breeam Excellent) building. The New University Building will ascend in steps, so that on the campus side it will be seven stories high and on De Boelelaan side it will be twelve stories high. The building has 31,000 m2 of floor space and will mainly be used by computer scientists from VU Amsterdam, as well as by students from all faculties.