VU Campusradio from the VU campus

In the spring of 2019, a small group of students and VU employees from different corners of the university started VU Campus radio. A radio station from and for the VU. Where our students and staff make radio and podcasts together for our VU community.

With a studio in the heart of the VU campus, the StudentenD0k, Campusradio is located right in the epicenter of our university. From the small studio looking out over the campus square, broadcasts and podcasts are produced for an audience of students, employees, teachers, alumni and interested parties. These reach an audience far beyond the borders of the Netherlands. VU students abroad maintain contact with their home country via Campus radio and the friends and family of international students who make programmes also listen regularly.

Overview of VU Campus Radio Shows

The following shows are now made weekly and can be listened to via

  • Owlcast Blast from the past
  • The new normal
  • Lazy Sunday morning
  • Jonathan's Take
  • The VrijMiBo Show
  • Quarantine radio
  • Pretencious Pricks
  • Pandam

About 16 students and alumni are involved in these programmes. And these programme makers regularly receive guests in their shows. VU Campusradio is run by our own students and employees. There are programmes in both English and Dutch. At you will find all the information about Campusradio and here you can listen to the shows. Do follow Campusradio via Instagram.


The organization of VU Campusradio is divided into an advisory board and an editorial board. The initiators of VU Campusradio are on the Advisory Board. This board deals with strategy, financing, studio and technical maintenance. The Editorial Board mainly consists of students who create their own programmes. This board is engaged in recruiting new programme makers, putting together broadcast schedules, training new programme makers and promoting the shows.

Join us

VU Campusradio is looking for new radio and podcast makers. Individual students and employees are welcome but you can also join together with a friend, a fellow student or colleague. If you want your own radio show or podcasts, send a message to or approach us via Instagram. We are also looking for creative talent for the editorial board, the VU Campus Insta and website maintenance.