Secure log-in in two steps

With effect from 25 May, new legal requirements will apply to the protection of personal data. Under these new requirements, VU Amsterdam must ensure that sensitive and personal data is even better secured.

Additional verification

Every employee of VU Amsterdam and the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam uses the university’s digital applications containing personal or sensitive information. One example of this is your webmail and the e-mails it contains. When you log in to webmail, VU Amsterdam wants to ensure that you are not just somebody else who is pretending to be you. At the same time, you want to be sure that your privacy at the university is secure. 

For a number of digital applications, employees of VU Amsterdam will therefore need to log in using an additional verification step. How will that work? After logging in with your VUnetID and password, you will also be asked to identify yourself digitally using an app on your smartphone or using a USB key that slots into your computer.

In the first instance, the extra security step will apply to logging in to webmail. VU Amsterdam is currently looking at which digital applications will need a two-step login in the future.

More information is available on VUnet.