Animal welfare body (IvD) VU/VUmc

The Instantie voor Dierenwelzijn (IvD) is the VU/VUmc animal welfare commission. This is a legally required function provided by a small team that has many tasks and competences in a wide range of animal welfare matters. This is in compliance with animal welfare regulations according to the Dutch law. The IvD function occurs in close communication with the Amsterdam Animal Research Center (Universitair proefdiercentrum, AARC-UPC), the Dierexperimentencommissie (DEC) and the Centrale Commissie Dierproeven (CCD). We are the contact for governmental inspections by the Netherlands Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (NVWA) at VU/VUmc.

The IvD mission is to support all animal research aspects according to the legal requirements from an animal welfare perspective in close interaction with all persons involved.

Tasks and expertises

  • Evaluation and approval of CCD projects
  • Education on animal welfare
  • Coordination of all IvD/DEC/CCD tasks
  • Assessment of animal experiments and documentation in animal facilities
  • Registration and intake of new personnel (researchers, technicians, students, etc.)
  • Support of welfare and health-related issues of research animals from breeding to experiments

Contact (IvD/DEC office)