Disputes procedure

Disputes procedure

If you disagree with a decision, if you feel you have been treated unfairly or if you have a complaint, there is something you can do. The nature of your dispute determines the steps you will need to take. It is also possible to object to or appeal a written refusal to make a decision or a failure to make a decision within a reasonable timeframe (six weeks). See below for the options that apply to your situation.

Informal action
Before you take action, consider whether it might be possible to resolve the problem without formal intervention. Go to the person who has made the decision or who you believe has treated you unfairly, present your case and try to work it out together. If you cannot, you can always submit a notice of objection or a notice of appeal. You are required to do so within six weeks of receiving the decision that you wish to appeal. If the informal procedure has not been completed within those six weeks, then you may go ahead and submit a notice of objection or a notice of appeal. You are requested to submit the accompanying substantiation at a later date (‘pro forma notice of objection or notice of appeal’). The board in question will inform you of the amount of extra time you will be given. You can submit a complaint up to one year after the date.

Objection and appeal
What do you need to do to lodge an objection or an appeal? Read more.

The way in which the Executive Board or the Faculty Board, another VU Amsterdam employee, or a fellow student has treated you or someone else in a certain situation could be reason to submit a complaint. Reasons for submitting a complaint include behaviour or treatment and not decisions that have legal consequences. A complaint cannot be submitted via a notice of objection or a notice of appeal. More about complaints. Read more.

Annual reports for notices of objection
The Examination Appeals Board publishes an annual report every year. Read more, available in Dutch only.

Decisions of the Examination Appeals Board
View a summary of the decisions per year. Read more, available in Dutch only.

If you have any questions about where to submit your complaint, objection or appeal, then please contact Ms A.M. van Donk (a.m.van.donk@vu.nl).