Religion and identity

When VU Amsterdam was founded in 1880, it had close links with the Dutch Reformed Church. Since then it has developed into an institution which very much wants to be part of the ecumenical Christian tradition. Today, students and staff of all faiths and religious traditions are welcome. At the heart of this position is respect for one another's convictions and standpoints. VU Amsterdam offers students a range of religious facilities and services. These include the Student Chaplaincy, a meditation room and an Islamic prayer room.  

International Student Chaplaincy 
The International Student Chaplaincy is for students from all continents studying at institutes of higher education in The Netherlands. The Dutch churches wish to offer you support during your time in this country. The chaplain for students in Amsterdam and surroundings is available at VU Amsterdam on appointment.

Meditation and Prayer rooms
Room HG 1A-53 in the Main Building has been set aside for anybody who wants to meditate, alone or in a small group, or simply to find a little peace. Next door in room HG 1A-57, is an Islamic prayer room. Ritual cleansing is possible in separated rooms for men and women. You can find these rooms at the first floor in 1A, near the elevators.