Facilities for students with disabilities

Facilities organized by the academic advisor
Next to educational and exam facilities, there are more facilities you can apply for via your academic advisor. 
  • Locker
    You are eligible to a personal locker (to store e.g. small support materials/ study books).
  • Quiet zone
    There is are quiet rooms exclusively reserved for students with disabilities. You may want to use it for a break during a busy lecture or study day.
  • Storage room
    You have access to a storage room for larger aids.
  • Entrance pass
    You are eligible to an entrance pass for entrances for disabled and elevators.
  • Dyslexia 
    Additional support to students with dyslexia
VU Introduction Days
During VU Introduction Days, the introduction committee is the first point of contact for first-year students when they have questions about adjustments, facilities or support. For instance, during induction days the introduction committee can provide an additional mentor for your group.

Other facilities:
  • ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders) 
    Additional support for students with ASDs.
  • Lecture rooms 
    Adjustable tables and chairs are available for students with disabilities in the main lecture rooms at VU Amsterdam campus. If you have a physical disability involving for instance, the use of a wheelchair or a special chair and are therefore unable to access a particular lecture room for lectures- you can put in a request for adjustments in lecture rooms at the Facilities Helpdesk (HG-0B01).
  • Students-4-Sudents@VU 
    If you feel you could do with some additional support you can be teamed up with a supporting fellow student look at Students-4-Sudents@VU for more information.
  • Parking badge 
    VU students with a disability have the possibility to apply for a parking badge to be able to park at the VU parking area. 
  • Loop facilities 
  • Toilet facilities for disabled 

In case you feel you could benefit from a facility that is not listed here and is not exam or course programme related, please contact Team Disability. We are more than willing to look for possible additional facilities.