Students-4-Students@VU offers various programs to students who find it difficult to engage with VU or when things aren’t working out as planned. The programs offered are:

• Study partner
• Studying Together
• Studying & children
• Studying with ASD

Study Partner
Students-4-Students@VU helps to connect you with a study partner - a fellow student who can support you if you are finding it hard to settle in at VU Amsterdam or if you need advice from someone with a little more experience. In many cases, some additional support can give you everything you need to get back on track. On this page, you can read about who the study partner program is designed for, what kind of support students currently need, and how you can become a study partner.
Here are some examples:

• You are new to the university and are finding it hard to settle in: a study partner helps you to feel more at home.
• You (sometimes) feel lonely, you’re finding it difficult to make friends with your fellow students and you find participating in student activities daunting: a study partner can help you.
• You have a disability and you need practical support: a study partner can show you around the university and point out useful routes, special sanitary facilities, lifts, etc.
• You are the first person in your family to study at university, so you have no frame of reference: a study partner can help you to find out what being a student is all about.
• You are not used to studying independently, and you’re finding it hard to concentrate or get down to work: meeting a study partner and studying together on a regular basis can make it easier to develop a more disciplined approach to studying.

Even if your particular situation has not been described here, but you think that a study partner could help you, please mail: or make an appointment.

Studying Together
Studying requires time and discipline, and the latter is sometimes in short supply. It is also possible that you have not studied for a while due to a period of illness or other circumstances, and you need to get started again. Or perhaps you have fallen behind with your studies and your motivation has suffered a little? When situations such as these arise, it may help you to arrange to meet with other students to study together, work on catching up together and getting back on track, or making sure that you stay on track. You could take part in a general study group, a group preparing for a specific course or a group specifically for students from your program. Studying together at the university or elsewhere, having a chat, having lunch together or having a coffee before getting back to work... All this can really help to improve your motivation!
You can join the Peer Support Canvas group to find other students who you can meet to study together. Take a look on Canvas to see how it works!

Difficulty with getting yourself to start working and using your study time efficiently? Come to our weekly Back on Track study group. Visit here  for more details.

Studying & children
Are you a parent studying at VU Amsterdam? Or are you expecting a child? Then you might find it useful to get in touch with other students. Studying & children is part of the Student Counselling Service (SCS, Student and Educational Affairs).
We have an interactive Facebook group and we are there to advise, support and motivate you. You can exchange information and experiences in the private Facebook group. You can get in touch with other studying (prospective) parents within the VU, stay informed of our activities, ask questions and answer questions from others. Visit here for more details.


Studying with ASD
Students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often need extra support and guidance to help them study successfully. In this program you will have a designated guidance counselor with whom you will make weekly appointments to address topics such as planning, structure, communication and working with fellow students and lecturers, tips for studying and regulations and special facilities. These appointments last 30 minutes and take place throughout the academic year. The aim of the guidance sessions is to reduce barriers and to promote study success.
To participate in this program you have been officially diagnosed with an ASD. In addition, you receive outpatient counselling or have a GGZ (mental healthcare service) contact.
Click here for more information.

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