Faculty associations and societies

'Study associations' are those which are attached to a particular faculty, programme or course. The emphasis is on social events and relaxation, although most also organize activities which are relevant to the coursework itself. Having joined an association, you may wish to take a hand in running it by sitting on one of its (sub-) committees. You can then help to organize excursions or to produce the association's magazine.

Subject to certain conditions, students who devote part of their time to running a study association may be eligible for additional financial support. Some of those conditions relate to the association itself (it must be officially recognized by VU Amsterdam: see the list elsewhere on this site) and some to the individual student's situation. Full information (in Dutch) can be found in Part II of the FOS Grant Regulations.
Links to the various study associations (with the relevant programme or course shown in brackets) are given below. 
ACTA (Dentistry)

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Religion and Theology

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • EOS (website in Dutch)

School of Business and Economics