ISMA stands for International Student's Meetingpoint Amsterdam. It is an organisation run by Christian students who think it is important that international students feel at home in Amsterdam and have a place to meet. They organise intercultural evenings, during which Dutch and international students can meet. An interesting programme is offered, for example about the Dutch culture or a country where international students come from. These evenings, taking place at Admiraal de Ruyterweg 148, are free and always start with a meal.

Small group activities are held at students' homes, which are two-weekly Bible studies, monthly social events and a number of excursions. All activities are open to all students, no matter their cultural or religious background. At a national and international level, ISMA is part of IFES. For more information about ISMA, visit the website or phone Pieter & Eveline de Boer, 020-6141653.