Student General Counselling Service

Foto Studentendecanen 2020 

From left to right: Hella Snoeren; Fatiema Khadje; Marjorie Wielkens; Mariken Blom;

You can visit the Student General Counsellor for advice and counselling on non-study-related issues. You can make an appointment with a student general counsellor to discuss: 

- Financial matters, e.g. student financing, regulations from DUO, insurance or social benefits;
- Financial consequences due to personal issues, study delay or discontinuing your study;
- Advice and help by applying for financial Grant via the Profiling Fund regulations;
- Objection related to the Modern Migration Policy law;
- Advice on procedures regarding objections and appeals;
- Advice on housing problems;
- Application and information about studying and top-level performance (sports, culture);
- Advice on applying for financial support through private funds, e.g. related to studying abroad;
- Coordination Students-4-Students@VU: e.g. study partner program and parents who study.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment with the Student General Counsellor online.
Choose “Show all times” or choose the Student General Counsellor you want to make an appointment with. You’ll see the available data for the coming month. Pick a date and choose a time. After selecting the time and date, you’ll be directed to another screen where you can fill in your personal details.