Event support

We offer audiovisual advice, design and support on request, for example for events or academic ceremonies.


For big and complex events, we closely work with the Congress and Media Center (CMC). The AVC provides professional support in theatre technology, the CMC provides the overall coordination of the congress. The av-technician is responsible for directing and creating the (audio) visual products and needed communication. In addition, he/she takes care of the technical preparation and supervision of light, sound, video, maintenance and management of the technical installations and materials, the operation of the equipment and ensures a smooth and safe course of the event.

Academic ceremonies

At academic ceremonies (such as promotions and orations) we work closely with the Pedel Office. The pedel takes care of the organization. The AVC handles the audiovisual aspect, ranging from testing PowerPoint presentations with the PhD students to giving theater technical advice and the technical assistance and operation according to protocol during the ceremony.

Application procedure

Technical support is based on availability. Keep in mind the required preparation time for an event during the application process. The minimum time needed to prepare working with Pedel or CMC can be requested at the relevant department. It is advisable to involve the AVC at an early stage in the planning process. Depending on the size and complexity of the event, the application must be submitted at least 4-12 weeks before the event.

The costs of the work done by the AVC will be charged. Equipment has a daily price-unit and technical support is calculated by the hour. Rates >

Video registration events

It is possible to have an event recorded on video or to make it live as a livestream for a large audience.

Other options

  • Extra mood lighting
  • Mobile induction loop for the hearing impaired people
  • Interpreters and interpreter booths / translation options
  • Teleconferencing and Skype sessions

Underlying frameworks, guidelines and documents


Services are only provided to internal users (Faculties and Services VU). External parties cannot use our services. You are requested to contact VU Communication & Marketing: events@vu.nl.