Technical Service and Maintenance

Our Technical Service provides audio visual equipment for events, lecture and meeting rooms.

Notifications of malfunctions go via FCO Service Desk (020-5985777)

Malfunctions and problems will be resolved as quickly as possible between 08.30 and 17.00 hours. Troubleshooting of equipment in teaching rooms is given priority over all other work. As far as lecture rooms concerned, a technician will be present on site within 10 minutes of reporting. For all other areas the response time depends on the service contract and/or availability of technicians. If a problem cannot be fixed immediately, equipment is (temporarily) replaced or an emergency solution will be provided.

The services provided by the AVC are limited to the general lecture, meeting and event rooms. Equipment in rooms ‘owned’ by third parties or equipment that has been purchased and installed by users of these rooms, is only managed by AVC if this is documented in a signed Service Level Agreement (SLA). This also applies to the maintenance of equipment.

Equipment in lecture rooms

To see which equipment is available in a lecture room, go to “Rent Teaching and Meeting Rooms”. At the bottom of that page is the link "Overview of facilities per room"

Delivery audiovisual equipment lecture and meeting rooms

We provide advice on the purchase of equipment, such as presentation screens, bring your own device sets, projectors and narrowcasting systems. AVC Service and Maintenance contracts can be signed so that you don’t ever have to worry about the proper functioning of the equipment. During the whole process, from design to installation and maintenance, the AVC is there for advice, support and assistance.