Conference organization

The Congress and Media Center is there for your needs with respect to:

  • Organizing conferences; we are happy to offer advice when you are drawing up your plans. 
    The events manager can relieve you of much of the planning and work, saving you precious time. We maintain a number of upscale rooms on the campus and can save you hunting around for a suitable location. The events manager can assist you with the implementation of practical details when planning your activities, already familiar with the university’s organization and facilities, and experienced in organizing special events. You can concentrate fully on your guests and the content of your programme by shifting the practical realization to the events manager. We will provide you with an estimate listing all details mentioned on the basis of your program and related demands.

    Contact information
    If you have questions or are considering making a reservation, please get in touch with us at least 6 weeks in advance of the engagement.

    Congress and Media Center
    VU Main Building
    De Boelelaan 1101 (0E corridor)
    1081 HV Amsterdam
    020 59 86454

  • Professional graphic design and photography
    Portraits and object images, journalism and reporting photos, images for web sites and for printed material.
  • Ordering printed matter and digital designs
    Communication material that blends in with the VU corporate branding, design and elaboration of VU web sites, (Power Point) presentations, brochures, folders, annual financial statements, invitations, presentation and display walls.
  • Logo
  • Promotional gifts

    Get in touch
    To make a (noncommittal) appointment or to place a new order:
    Congress and Media Center
    VU Main Building
    De Boelelaan 1101 (0E-corridor)
    1081 HV Amsterdam
    020 59 83533