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13 December 2017

VU Philosophy Colloquium 

Prof. Tommy J. Curry and dr. Annemie Halsema

Phallicism as Comparative Theory: conceptualizing sexual violence against racially subjugated males in American slavery, Jim Crow, and early 20th century genocides.

Past events


 Date Type of event  Researcher(s) Paper / events
3 November 2017Feedback ForumRuna Laila  (Discussant: prof. dr. R. S. Gowricharn)Culture, Gender and Mobility: Patterns of (im)mobility & female labour participation in the ready-made garment industry of Bangladesh
1 May 2017Lunch Feedback ForumArtwell Cain  (Discussant: Gloria Wekker)Inventariserend (literatuur-)onderzoek en beleidsperspectieven over uitsluitingsmechanismen voor mensen van Afrikaanse afkomst in Nederland
25 April 2017Feedback ForumemptyJos van Beurden  (Discussant: Pál Nyíri)Chances for Cross-fertilisation? Dealing with migration of objects, taken during European Colonialism and the Second World War.
23 March 2017


Read the reflections on the seminar by guest speaker Philomena Essed here

Gloria Wekker (Keynote)    
Philomena Essed (Guest Speaker)   
Nancy Jouwe (Moderator)
Racial Exclusion in and at the Borders of Europe   

With  the intensifying debates in Europe on refugees, migration and populism, we asked ourselves what happens when we analyze these issues in terms of race. During this seminar, we aimed to investigate the idea that racism is a much more powerful and omnipresent form of exclusion in Europe than is generally assumed. The Migration and Diversity Center invited Gloria Wekker as keynote speaker, guest speaker Philomena Essed and many more presenters to reflect on these issues.   

Parallel sessions: Nawal Mustafa; Tamara Last;  Ildikó Plájás; Amade M’charek; Guno Jones; Dorrie Wilson; Halleh Ghorashi & Leila Kian; Tesseltje de Lange & Lisa Berntsen; Karin de Vries; Thomas Spijkerboer; Giovanni Picker; Artwell Cain
30 January 2017Feedback ForumDimitris Dalakoglou(Discussant:Thomas Spijkerboer)The Violent Refugee: The Right to Mobility and the Borderisation of Europe
31 October 2016Feedback ForumRicha Kumar (Discussant: Zsuzsa Kovács)Résumé of a security professional: mapping the capitals of the security professionals
20 September 2016Feedback ForumNina van Egmond  (Discussant: Martijn Stronks)Labour, Work and Migration - Migration policy built on a concept of dignity as non-humiliation
21 June 2016Roundtable SessionMigration and Diversity Centre (MDC) and Centre for international criminal Justice (CICJ)If You Don't Count, You Don't Count:How to extract migration data from states
7 June 2016Feedback ForumJill Alpes  (Discussant: Rivke Jaffe)Transnational migration control and sending states: The unifying force of 'fraud' at the airport of Douala, Cameroon
10 May 2016Feedback Forum Jasmijn Slootjes  (Discussant: Tineke Abma)Narratives of Meaningful Endurance: Critical Transitions Between Vicious and Virtuous Cycles Between Health and Employment in Migrant Women's Life Histories
14 April 2016Feedback Forum Lonneke Geerlings  (Discussant: Kathy Davis)Cultural mobility
29 March 2016Feedback ForumLaura Kok  (Discussant: Christian Reinhardt)forcasting violence induced human mobility flows
24 February 2016Feedback ForumEmanuela Roman  (Discussant: Ben Crum)Cooperation on readmission in the Mediterranean area and its human rights implications
28 January 2016Feedback Forum
Hannah Leyerzapf  (Discussant: Janna Wessels)We are all só different that it is just.. normal.” Processes of normalization in health care teams in an academic hospital in the Netherlands.
27 May 2015Seminar Thomas Spijkerboer, Tamara Last, Orçun Ulusoy, Paolo Cuttitta and Henk Van Houtum
Presentation of the Deaths at the Borders of Southern Europe Database
26 May 2015Feedback ForumDevyani PrabhatProportionality Analysis and the Cancellation of British Citizenship for Conduct by Categories- paper
13 February 2015Feedback forumMehdi Bozorgmehr Panethnicity Revisited: Contested Group Formation in the Post-9/11 Era
9 December 2014   Feedback forumMartijn Huisman and Silvia Klokgieters LASA-Project; a study on the rational of resilience in Turkish and Moroccan young, old and elderly migrants
25 November 2014Feedback forumMarieke Slootman  (Discussants: Machteld de Jong and Ismintha Waldring)‘I am… who I am…’. Ethnic identifications in social contexts among ethnic minority individuals
21 October 2014Book presentationDienke Hondius(Discussants:Siep Stuurman, Amade M'Charek, and Gloria Wekker; Master of Ceremony: Nancy JouweBlackness in Western Europe: Racial Patterns of Paternalism and Exclusion
19 June 2014Feedback forumFiore Geelhoed  (Discussant: Vanessa Vroon-Najem)Identity under construction: Global pathways to Islamic orthodoxy, radicalism and extremism in the Netherlands
28 March 2014Feedback forumDiana van Bergen  (Discussant: Sawitri Saharso)Parental ethnic socialization and intergroup antagonism among Muslim immigrant youth and native youth in the Netherlands
20 March 2014Feedback forum with visiting scholar, co-organised with IDIKathy Davis  (Discussant: Dubravka Zarkov)Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World
28 January 2014Feedback forumMarja van Heese  (Discussant: Wouter Veraart)RESPECT - The UNESCO Cultural Conventions, armed conflict and the battle for peace in the minds of men
10 December 2013Feedback forumJuan Amaya-Castro(Discussant:Brian Burgoon)Emigration policies in the context of global governance
26 November 2013Forum for visiting scholar, co-organised with the Amsterdam Critical Discourse CommunityRobert BarskyAsocial injustice: Refugees lost without translation
18 October 2013Symposium with visiting research team from NorwayVarious, including Eli Støa and Halleh Ghorashi‘What Buildings do: The Effect of the Physical Environment on the Quality of Life of Asylum Seekers’
17 October 2013Migration PhDs networking meetingAll PhDs working on migration-related issues are invitedKick-off meeting of the IMES-MDC PhD network
25 June 2013Feedback forum  with visiting scholarHeleen de Jonge van Ellemeet  (Discussant: Joke Reijven )Crimmigration: the convergence of criminal law and immigration policy reflected in the case law of the Dutch Supreme Court
21 May 2013Feedback forum Efe Kerem Sözeri  (Discussant: Liza M. Mügge)  National connectedness and political identities
18-19 April 2013 SymposiumVarious (see programme)Regulating transnational work and family in times of crisis
26 February 2013Feedback forum with visiting scholarReza Hasmath  (Discussant: Dimitris Pavlopoulos)The Ethnic Penalty in the Labour Market? Prevalence, Causes and Policy Options
22 January 2013 Public lecture and feedback forumNayarana  Jayaram and Ellen BalPublic lecture on Indian diaspora by professor Nayarana Jayaram, Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, followed by feedback forum with Ellen Bal discussing her work on Indian diaspora. Introductions by Susan Legêne and Chan Choenni
15 November 2012
Feedback forumMartijn Stronks  (Discussant: Annemie Halsema)Time and Identity. An interdisciplinary analysis of the relation between time and identity in the context of family migration law
27 September 2012Feedback forumYounous Arbaoui  (Discussant: Miranda PoezeEffective family bonds of Somali refugees
26 June 2012Feedback forum with visiting scholarFroukje Santing  (Discussant: Boris Slijper)We are all citizens of the Netherlands
8 June 2012SymposiumAdam McKeown  (Discussant: Betty de Hart )   Saskia Sassen  (Discussant: Juan M. Amaya-Castro)Looking Historically at the Role of the State in Migration Law Video 1  Video 2
17 April 2012

MDC launch event for 2012 activitiesCaroline Drieënhuizen  (Discussant: Thijs Sunier)

Bahija Aarrass  (Discussant: Chan Choenni)

Sylvia van der Raad  (Discussant Guno Jones)
Becoming Dutch by means of the empire: foreigners in the Dutch East Indies and Holland 1811-1870. 

Education through migration. The relevance of the right to education in the European Convention of Human Rights in migration issues. 

The other side of workplace diversity discourse: how do those who personify the main object of diversity policies act and processes of inclusion and exclusion.
13 December 2011Feedback forumDiana van BergenEthnic Socialization and the Onset of Radicalization. The Case of Turkish-Dutch Youth in The Netherlands
18 October 2011Feedback forumJacomijne PrinsExploring in-group diversity through storytelling: how intersecting stories work to construct a diverse Moroccan Dutch experience
20 September 2011Feedback forumJuan Amaya-CastroIllegality Regimes and the Corrosion of Citizenship
26 April 2011Feedback forumEllen BalDreaming of leaving: The construction of migration aspirations among young middle class Bangladeshis in Dhaka
15 March 2011Feedback forum with visiting scholarSébastien ChauvinSans-Papiers Striking for Legalization: Labor Unions and the Contradictions of French Migration Policy
16 December 2010Feedback forum with visiting scholarManuel AbrantesThe Employment Situation of Brazilian Immigrants in Dutch Cities
16 November 2010Feedback forum with visiting scholarPeter GeschiereAutochthony, Belonging and Exclusion, The Pitfalls of a Culturalization of Citizenship
13 September 2010Feedback forum with visiting scholarInes MichalowskiCitizenship Tests in Various European Countries in Relation to Political Liberalism