VU maintains a close relationship with different social organizations. They are the gateway to society and they are closely involved with Community Service Learning (CSL) at VU. District Amsterdam Nieuw-West is a preferred partner when it comes to developing CSL-activities within the city of Amsterdam. VoorUit is an important partner for creating a connection between citizens and other social workers within the community. Other partners are CORDAAN, Leger des Heils, Philadelphia, GGZ and other social organizations. On the theme of poverty there is a close relationship with the Voedselbanken in Amsterdam. 


On an international level, VU works within the European Aurora network of universities. Furthermore, there is a collaboration with universities that were involved with the Erasmus+ project Europe Engage. At the moment a European CSL-observatory is being established. As a consequence of the partnership on Diversity-topics between VU and UCLA there is more engagement with the Civic Engagement program at UCLA. Members of our CSL-team participate in international conferences and present updates on CSL developments at VU. 

Ultimately, there is a close collaboration with prof. emeritus Robert G. Bringle, who has, funded by ‘’Fulbright Expert Beurzenprogramma’’, visited VU Amsterdam a few times to give advice on the CSL and the A Broader Mind program.