CSL for Students

For the students CSL has added value on an academic, professional and personal level. The most prominent example of improved academic skills is a deeper understanding of the scientific theory. When the CSL activities are properly related to the scientific knowledge on that theme, students will be encouraged to move between the real world and scientific theory. The professional added value for students is related to the improvement of communication skills and the development of their professional network. The personal added value of CSL revolves around diversity, openness to change and discovering new interests. We are currently working on relevant societal themes that various courses within different disciplines can contribute to.

CSL for master Students

For master students who want to include CSL in their education, the VU offers the module Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning (i-CSL). The module is VU-wide and can be followed by students from any academic major. Students will approach a large societal issue - such as sustainability, digitalization, or inequality - from their different disciplinary backgrounds in the context of the graduation projects of their own programs. In parallel, they take a course that features integration through sharing insights, experiences, and knowledge within their interdisciplinary team working on the same overarching societal issue. As such, i-CSL offers an interdisciplinary CSL experiences and allows for broadening your view without compromising on the depth of your own research.

CSL@Salvation Army