CSL for Teachers

CSL offers the opportunity to be better informed on and more involved in societal issues. Offering a CSL-activity can play a role in attracting motivated students. The knowledge that students gain can offer new perspectives and input for discussions during lectures. Also, CSL-activities can easily be coupled to research and publications. Finally, CSL offers the possibility to interact with other faculties and offer active education. We are currently working on relevant societal themes that various courses within different disciplines can contribute to. A short description on each of these themes may be found under examples of CSL.

CSL for Education

On the Community Service Learning website of the University of Gent (Belgium), different steps were described on how to realize a CSL-course. (in Dutch)


We have developed a learning community through online platforms as well as through regular learning labs. Everyone who is either already working with CSL or interested in finding out more about CSL is welcome to join. Within the learning labs we share knowledge, exchange ideas and build towards new practices.

Sharing knowledge is about sharing best practices of implementing CSL at the VU, sharing examples of course designs, and receiving updates on the latest CSL research. We have a lot of knowledge within our learning community, and occasionally will invite guest speakers who share their expertise on particular priority topics.

We aim to facilitate exchange of experiences and ideas between the learning community members on various topics within the CSL context such as course design, assessment, ethical considerations and more. Community members can bring their own questions into the group via discussion on this online platform, or in person in the various learning labs. We also aim to establish a network for people to be able to connect and contact each other outside of these formal platforms to advice, collaborate and exchange.

CSL at the VU is not new and there are many successful initiatives. However, there are still many questions about for instance how to successfully facilitate CSL for larger groups of students, what would the scaffolding of CSL look like, and how to implement CSL in such a manner that it optimally benefits all stakeholders involved. we aim to build more opportunities to further develop CSL in our education at the VU in a more sustainable way involving collaboration between courses and faculties on larger societal themes and scaffolding the learning process.

If you are interested in joining the learning community please sent an email to csllearninglabs@vu.nl