Education at VU Amsterdam

Educational Vision

Why do we teach? Because we want to make the world a better place by educating students to become responsible, critical and committed academics who are keen to further their own personal and professional development.

Education agenda: guide to improvement

To ensure our approach is comprehensive, we have compiled all teaching schedules as worded in the Educational Vision, the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the guidelines for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses and the Institutional Quality Assurance Audit action plan in one document entitled ‘VU Amsterdam Education Agenda (2018-2023)’.

Quality of education

VU Amsterdam offers high-quality education. That quality is provided by lecturers in the degree programmes under the responsibility of the Programme Director. University-wide policy for education and quality assurance is drafted and evaluated on the instructions of the faculties and the Executive Board. We also have an internal system of quality assurance in place to guarantee that the quality of the programmes is appropriate to a modern educational institution.

Teaching awards

VU Amsterdam attaches great importance to inspiration and outstanding quality in education, in its teaching staff and, of course, in its students. This is highlighted by the teaching awards that VU Amsterdam presents annually to exceptional lecturers and students who deserve to be put in the limelight. From 2019 the award ceremony takes place during the New Year’s Gala.


The organization and decision-making structure is described in the VU Management Model. The model offers a clear description of the division of tasks, responsibilities, and powers, the decision-making process and the emphasis placed on achieving objectives.