VU Amsterdam is managed by an Executive Board consisting of three members: the chairperson, the Rector Magnificus and a member. The members of the Executive Board are appointed and dismissed by a Supervisory Board which also monitors the design, implementation and enforcement of the quality assurance system. Teaching and the practice of science take place within the faculties. The Executive Board decides on the broad outlines of policy following consultation with the deans and the directors of the service departments. The Executive Board and deans are advised by a number of permanent bodies. VU Amsterdam holds extensive administrative consultative meetings at which representatives from teaching, research and management convene in various bodies.  diverse gremia

Each administrative level within VU Amsterdam has its own form of participation. The University Student Council and Staff Council discuss university-wide matters with the Executive Board. The University Student Council focuses on the quality and accessibility of education and VU Amsterdam’s student policy. In accordance with the Works Councils Act, the purpose of the Staff Council is ‘to engage in participation in the interest of the proper functioning of the university in all its objectives’. The Staff Council and the University Student Council collectively make up the Joint Assembly. The Joint Consultative Assembly holds consultations with the Executive Board.

VU Amsterdam holds the following VU-wide teaching meetings (VUnet ID required) onderwijsoverleggen

Committee of Teaching Portfolio Holders
At the university level, strategic consultation on education takes place within the Committee of Teaching Portfolio Holders. At this meeting compulsory coordination takes place between portfolio holders for teaching on the Faculty Boards, with reference to the management of teaching and to achieving the Education Agenda. The permanent chairperson of the Committee of Teaching Portfolio Holders is the Rector Magnificus. Either upon request or on its own initiative, the Committee of Teaching Portfolio Holders makes recommendations to the Executive Board. The Board has granted it the mandate to take decisions regarding the implementation of the Education Agenda. This committee proposes an outline plan, after which faculties and service departments advise on the feasibility of that plan.

Educational Quality Steering Group
The Educational Quality Steering Group advises the Executive Board, in particular the Rector Magnificus, on the quality assurance and quality of education and on the quality of applications for new degree programmes. This Steering Group also makes recommendations about the system of quality assurance of teaching and learning and on occasion offers solicited and unsolicited advice on all other matters concerning the quality of education. Members are appointed based on their expertise and expressly not in the capacity of faculty representative.

Heads of Educational Support Committee
Preferably prior to the decision-making process, the Heads of Educational Support Committee makes recommendations regarding the consequences for operations of proposed policy decisions to the Committee of Teaching Portfolio Holders and the Directors of Operations. This relates to inter-faculty or uniform teaching and student-support processes and projects and to the structure of the associated organization.

Sounding Board Group for Internal Quality Control
The Sounding Board Group consists of policy officers for education and quality assurance from the various faculties. They inform the faculties about national or VU-wide educational policy. Its members are also consulted. Furthermore, this body offers faculties the opportunity to exchange good practices.