Mission and Profile

We take responsibility for people and the planet by delivering value driven education, research and knowledge transfer. We imbue students and professionals with knowledge and ‘A Broader Mind’. We pursue pioneering research, both within and across disciplines. As free thinkers with a focus on diversity, purpose and compassion, our students and staff have a deep connection with one another while being fully engaged with society as a whole. This is Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s mission.

Core values

The basic philosophy of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is expressed in three core values: responsible, open and personally engaged. Those who are part of the VU community endorse these values. In our Educational vision Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam describes the basic principles for its education based on these core values.

Ambition of VU Amsterdam

As of 2020, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has a new Strategic Plan. Sustainable, enterprising and diverse – these are the priority values that govern our actions, and the essence of our education, research, knowledge transfer, and operational management. The profile themes Governance for Society, Human Health & Life Sciences, Connected World and Science for Sustainability will give substance to our mission. They will also relate to the educational, research, and knowledge-transfer activities we will use to enhance our multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.