Profile themes

The profile themes of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will give substance to our mission. They will also relate to the educational, research, and knowledge-transfer activities.

  • Human Health & Life Sciences studies the health and well-being of people, including the associated organization and funding. 
  • Governance for Society studies the organization and governance of organizations and societies.
  • Science for Sustainability studies the conditions underpinning a future-proof balance between people, the environment and the economy.
  • Connected World studies the influence of digitalization and globalization on human, cultural, economic and political relationships. 
The way in which science relates to business, and vice versa, is constantly changing. Contemporary social issues are increasing in complexity and require a more multi-disciplinary approach. The scientists and professionals of the future must be able to cooperate with others beyond the boundaries of their own specialist fields. Science is increasingly being challenged to justify its role in society. As a university, we need to ask ourselves how we should handle this development. How can we integrate scientific and technological developments into our culture as a university, and what does this mean for people, their values and identities?

With our research and education, we want to make the world better. By focusing on education along the four themes we encourage collaboration between different fields.