VU Amsterdam has been taking part in the SustainaBul for several years - this is a ranking of Dutch universities and higher education institutes in relation to sustainability. The SustainaBul is a ‘Studenten voor Morgen’ initiative. Education institutes are assessed by students on how well they have integrated sustainability into their teaching, research and operations. In 2017, we achieved fourth place (a golden degree certificate), with the awarding of the SustainaBul taking place at the university during the ‘Nationale Dag voor Duurzaamheid in het Hoger Onderwijs’ (NDDHO17).


In previous years the VU 

  • 2016: ranked #7 out of 20 institutions
  • 2015: ranked #3 out of 21 institutions
  • 2014: ranked #15 out of 22 institutions
  • 2013: ranked #18 out of 26 institutions