Student Initiative Award

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Student initiatives are essential to the work of VU Amsterdam; the Green Office is a prime example of a concept that began as a student initiative. That’s why the University Student Council celebrates student initiatives that connect VU Amsterdam students with each other and with the university. The jury nominates three initiatives, then from 14 January the public – that’s you! – votes for the winner. The winner will receive €1,000 to develop the winning idea further, plus advice from VU-alumnus Joep van Gelder.

The nominees show their pitch in a video.

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Silja Kelleris

The Free Stage for Storytellers, Poets and Songwriters

Creative writing projects, a monthly poetry slam and other activities make it clear that lots of students are also writing original texts. We bring these creative writers together to celebrate the literary culture at VU Amsterdam.

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Jouke Fleege, Menno van Kicken

The university’s plastic is being given a new lease of life, making VU Amsterdam greener and getting our students and staff thinking. EERF makes it possible for students to join the discussion about products we could be making from recycled plastic.

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Zakaria Laaraj


Too many students are suffering from burnout or other stress-related issues. With StudeerSamen, we are building a community where students help each other to grow by learning from each other’s ideas and working together.

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Come to the VU New Year's Gala to see who has won the award.

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