Our offer to alumni

VU Courses, workshops or post-academic education are –often at a discount- available to alumni. The university offers specialistic programmes on theme’s such a financial management, legislation and jurisprudence, governmental and organizational issues, teacher education, language and communication and care, sport and coaching.

Lifelong learning is more and more important: you are never finished learning. As an alumnus you can follow workshops, networks and (career) counselling. Below you find an overview of our workshops for alumni.



Personal Leadership (Twynstra Gudde)

Friday 27 September and 18 October 2019
Do you wish to combine your skills with the role you play at work? After following this training you have a better picture of who you are and you will seek your next step with more confidence.This training is given in two days and €440,-. 

Know YourSelf, Be Yourself

Thursday 31 October, 7, 14, 21 and 28 November 2019
During these five nights Thijs Sins of Tatkraft take you on a search to yourself. From a philosophical viewpoint and guided practices he shows you who you really are. From his own experience he knows that it can be very easy to live some else’s life in stead of your own. Thijs makes you aware of this and teaches you to choose your own choices. Costs€360,- for alumni and €390,- for non-alumni. 

VU Coachcafé

Tuesday 12 November 2019
Graduated and not yet found your place in working-world? Not yet an idea what you want to do after your education? VU coaches help you to discover your talents and define a (new) course in your career. Costs €39,50 for VU-alumni and €22,50 for students. 

The hero’s Journey

Spring 2020
The Hero’s Journey is about inner leadership. This entails managing yourself and others from an own moral compass, a deeper layer within yourself with intuitive knowledge. In four nights on the VU and a Saturday afternoon in nature, we make a journey along mythology, philosophy and psychology in a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises. Costs€480,- for alumni and €510,- for non-alumni.

Other Educational Programmes

Look also at the completeoverviewof our education programmes for professionals.


Above is a selection of the activities especially organized for alumni; check out the fullVU-calender for activities such as PhD conferrals, inaugural lectures and symposia.