Artist Franck Bragigand at VU

As part of the VU STEAM + project the artist Franck Bragigand will be working as "artist in residence" at VU. Franck Bragigand will be working from a studio on the second floor of the main building, in the 2B study room next to the six-lift group.

AFB VitrineSTEAM + is a unique art / science project in which Bragigand seeks collaboration with students and scientists at VU, in his search for an exchange between science and art.
In an attempt to enrich knowledge development at VU by means of art. By approaching research problems in a completely different, more creative and free way. This provides us with a unique cross-pollination from which both the artist and VU scientists and students can benefit. And that is why Bragigand would like to talk to VU students and scientists and hear about their field of research and expertise. Read more about this in the letter that Franck Bragigand wrote to the VU community.

A small exhibition of Bragigand's work has been set up on the ground floor of the main building, opposite the student desk. Bragigand also exhibits his work in the 2B reading room.
 AFB Vitrine 2

2B University Library Study Room, VU Main Building
Monday till Wednesday 3:00-7:00 PM or by appointment (Contact:

Franck Bragigand (France, 1971) is represented by the Lumen Travo Gallery in Amsterdam. He has 30 years of experience working worldwide on conceptual art projects, with artworks in musea, galleries, private collections as well as many public spaces. Upon graduating from the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Bragigand won the prestigious Uriôt Prize. In his work, Bragigand is accustomed to participatory approaches and engaging with society. The extensive body of his work is excellently presented in the monograph, The Last Painting Theory (2016). Bragigand is now working on developing his Codex Lex Veritas, a five-part collection that includes the elements: Encyclopedia, End of History, World Words, Cenotaph, and Art Language. Bragigand claims his art as a science that reveals structures, concepts and insights from religion, geography, history, nature, old civilizations, politics or science. Some of his Codex works are currently exhibited in the VU Main Building display cases (across from the Studentenbalie on the ground floor). Other works can be viewed in the open atelier in the Main Building, 2B wing of the University Library (near the group of 6 elevators).

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