In this parallel round, lecturers and faculties present initiatives and teaching forms that will help shape the future blended education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The poster room is open for visitors from 10 AM, so do not hesitate to start looking around and meet some people. Visit the posters in this virtual 2D space, and start an online conversation with the presenter and other interested individuals. Walk with your Avatar to a poster that seems interesting to you by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. As soon as you are near a poster, you can talk to the others.

Round 1 -14.15 - 14.55 hrs

  1. - Red - Stefan van Raaij    The Jigsaw in practice - Active cooperative learning in an online environment    Beta
  2. - Red - Esther Schagen    TrainTool: practicing academic skills with online video exercises    FSW
  3. - Red - Anouk Wouters    Buddies Breaking Barriers - Promoting diversity in medical education through a buddy system    VUmc
  4. - Red - Loes Mulders    Aansluitingsonderwijs VO-WO: Pre-University College    SOZ
  5. - Red - Marjolein Zweekhorst, Sarju Rai    Interdisciplinary and International Community Service Learning    Beta
  6. - Red - Jody Huijgens-van Roon, Friederike Ertmer     Patiëntparticipatie in Gespreksvaardigheden 1 en 2    FGB
  7. - Red - FGB Blended Learning Team    Creating Interaction in Blended Learning    FGB
  8. - Red - Wido van Peursen    DaDEL: Language Learning Driven by Data    FGW
  9. - Red - Noelle Swaan    Eigen Verantwoordelijkheid Student: leerlijn PPI    RCH

Round 2 - 15.00 - 15.40 hrs

  1. - Blue - Herbert PloegmanHaving students design an improved/decolonized course in anthropology - FSW
  2. - Blue - Natalia Silvis - Cividjian - Deploying VU-BugZoo for Online Assessment of Software Testing Skills - Beta
  3. - Blue - Elisa Rodenburg - Finding a way out of data horrors: designing a Halloween themed Escape Room
    UB, Leiden
  4. - Blue - Karin Reefman - Blended learning in de masteropleiding Geneeskunde tijdens de Covid-19 pandemie - VUmc
  5. - Blue - Tom de Joode en Tessa Rigterink - Samenwerken & ontspannen tijdens online practicum - FGB
  6. - Blue - Maike Tietschert, Christine Moser - Teaching during Covid-19: bridging the social-distance - FSW
  7. - Blue - Nour Gjaltema, Maaike Matelski - Online group work: case-based video projects - FSW
  8. - Blue - Noelle Swaan, Ralph Lasage - Digitaal Evalueren -
  9. - Blue - Marianne Mak - Zwijgen is oud, spreken is goud! Interventies voor onprofessioneel gedrag


  • Access is free for anyone interested, there is no need to sign up
  • To go to the postersession, click
  • To walk, press the arrow keys or 'A', 'S', 'W' or 'D'.
  • To avoid colliding with other people, press CTRL+g (note: your video call is inactive at that moment)
  • Walk to the Poster Room to look at the posters
  • To watch a poster in its entirety, press the 'x', to leave the poster, press the ‘x’ again