What is the A Broader Mind Longitudinal Survey?

Another pillar of the A Broader Mind for Students Programme, is the ‘A Broader Mind Longitudinal Survey’ (ABMLS). It is designed to track the personal, academic, civic and professional development of students as they progress through their degree programmes, especially in ABM-activities (CSL and the course). The survey is unique since it is one of the first to assess the impact of these kind of activities in Europe and thus far, a longitudinal panel study based on a design like the A Broader Mind Programme, has not been carried out.

The A Broader Mind Longitudinal Survey (ABMLS) is a panel survey among students at the VU Amsterdam. It is an innovative survey in which it tracks student development for multiple years in a mixed-method design, combining different types of data. Results are shared with students and researches from VU Amsterdam to make it a collaborative project.

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René Bekkers
Professor Prosocial Behavior, Faculty of Social Sciences