Support for lecturers and other teaching staff



Dutch for work and study
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 8 weeks
The evening course "Nederlands voor Werk en Studie" helps you improve your command of Dutch, raising it from beginner’s level to CEFR B2. You are free to choose how many courses to take and what level you ultimately want to achieve.

Dutch for work and study sprint
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 8 weeks
Native speakers of German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, or Afrikaans can take the accelerated programme of the evening course "Nederlands voor Werk en Studie" (Dutch for Work and Study). This 8-week course allows you to improve your level in Dutch from beginner’s level to CEFR level A2, or from A2 to B1.

Everyday Dutch Course on Saturday
Number of sessions: 8 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 8 weeks
A practical, semi-intensive language course focusing on Dutch for everyday situations. Within 4 months you learn the basics of Dutch (CEFR level A2). ‘Everyday Dutch’ is an e-learning course: you only have one lesson per week, and practise a lot at home and online.

Presenting (Dutch)
Number of sessions:
 In consultation
 In consultation
On this course, you will learn how to convey your message in a relaxed, engaging and convincing manner. Discover how to handle tension and how to come across as confident and assured. You will acquire the skills that enable you to hold the attention of your audience and respond effectively to questions. At the end of the course, your audience will see a speaker with self-confidence, who delivers a clearly structured narrative.

Professional Dutch
Number of sessions: 16 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 16 weeks, 1 class a weeks
If your command of Dutch is already pretty good, this course will help you to take your academic writing and presenting skills to a higher level. The course focuses on advanced writing skills such as writing formal letters, essays, and other assignments. You also develop your presenting skills in Dutch.

Understanding Dutch in participation councils
Number of sessions:
10 times 1 hour, plus self-study
26 weeks
If you play an active role in employee participation, it’s important to be able to follow the discussion in Dutch and understand the associated written documents. The course ‘Understanding Dutch for Employee Participation’ helps you develop the skills you need. Participants receive individual coaching from an experienced teacher every two weeks for six months. In addition, you receive personal feedback on your assignments in the customised self-study modules. Level: B1 upwards.

Advanced academic writing for academic staff 
Number of sessions: 5 x 3 hours
Duration: 2 weeks
This course involves you working with your own texts. You receive extensive feedback on your academic writing in English and learn new ways of expressing complex ideas in well-structured English sentences. This allows you to write in a more varied way.

Correcting student texts
Number of sessions: 3 x 3 hours
Duration: In consultation
A workshop for teachers who teach in English and would like to give feedback on language issues in papers and theses. You will refresh your own knowledge of English grammar and learn to work with our specialized feedback system, English Language Support online (ELS-online). This system allows you to link errors in the student's text directly to the relevant page of the feedback website.

English language proficiency test for teachers
Number of sessions:  1 x 0,5 hours
Duration:  1 day
VU lecturers on English-taught degree programmes are subject to language requirements: their command of English is expected to be at C1 level, as defined by the Common European Framework (CEF). The English language proficiency test for teachers is specially designed for academic professionals who teach in English within a higher education setting. 

English for Tutors
Number of sessions: 2 x 3 hours
Duration: 2 - 4 weeks
On this course, tutors with relatively little experience (Master’s students in some cases) learn to use correct and varied English when leading English-language practicals. Drawing on a wide range of stock phrases, courtesy forms and vocabulary tips, they learn to express themselves to their students clearly and precisely.

English Pronunciation workshop (advanced)
Number of sessions: 2 x 1 hour
Duration: In consultation
This module is intended for advanced learners who are already at C1 level in English but would like to improve their pronunciation still further. The module provides you with tailor-made assignments and exercises to help you raise your level to C2.

Fluency and pronunciation 
Number of sessions: 2 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks 
Are you someone who speaks English well, but would like to sound a little more natural? The Fluency and Pronunciation module helps you apply those finishing touches. Zoom in on specific differences between Dutch and English, most notably pronunciation and sentence linking, and leave more and more of those typically Dutch pitfalls behind you. 

Giving Feedback
Number of sessions: 2 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks
In this module, teaching staff develop their repertoire for giving students spoken and written feedback in English – with the same clarity, precision and encouragement as if they were responding in their own language. 

Grammar and vocabulary
Number of sessions: 2 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks
The Grammar and Vocabulary module is designed to improve your knowledge of English grammar. Master these rules and learn how to put them into practice in your work on a daily basis. We combine this firm grasp of grammar with tools to enhance your English vocabulary: learn how to maintain and expand the range of words at your disposal. 

Number of sessions: In consultation
Duration: In consultation
This course is all about getting your message across in clear, correct and accessible English. You will increase your fluency, work on structuring your English presentation and refresh your knowledge of grammar rules. The Business English training course: Presenting in English gives you the tools to communicate your narrative to a group more easily and effectively in English.

Teaching in English
Number of sessions:
8 x 2,5 hours
Duration: In consultation
Are you a lecturer in higher education who teaches or supervises students in English? Would you like to improve your English to make your work easier and give you more confidence? Then our Teaching in English workshop will be just the ticket.

Tutorial Academic writing in English: beyond C1
Size: flexible
Duration: to be discussed.
This tutorial will help you grow from a C1 level to a C2 level for your English writing skills. Your tutor will analyze your academic texts and make a plan with you to work on those aspects that are not yet at the C2 level. Tutorials are alternated with exercises focusing on analysis and editing.

Tutorial Fluency (advanced)
Size: 2 x 30 minutes and self-study
Duration: to be discussed
This tutorial is intended for employees who already speak English quite fluently, but want to progress to fluency at an excellent level (C2). By means of feedback, awareness, and a tailor-made package of exercises you will learn to be even more fluent in English in your own time and pace.

Questions and discussions
Number of sessions: 2 x 2,5 hours
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks
The Questions and Discussions module enables you to broaden your discussion repertoire in English. Learn to initiate and guide a discussion with the appropriate vocabulary, and give varied and nuanced responses to questions from your students.