VU Network for Teaching and Learning

Being a flourishing, inspiring VU Educational Community is the goal of our Network for Teaching & Learning (NT&L). The network consists of experts from a number of parties within the VU, such as SOZ, FCO/AVC, UB, IT and LEARN! Academy, with different perspectives and from different backgrounds. Under the leadership of Gerhard van de Bunt (Academic Director) and Silvester Draaijer (Program Manager), the network works along four lines:

VU Education Lab: The VU Educational Lab, located in NU 1A-25, is the supporting or operational part of the network. NT&L works together with all parties to achieve excellent education at VU.  In the Education Lab you'll learn of proven effective and creative teaching methods and can experiment with the latest teaching techniques. The team of the Educational Lab will be able to answer your educational questions or introduce you to specialized educational advisors. The student assistants also support in projects such as Community Service Learning, FeedbackFruits, Mixed Classroom and Proctoring. Would you like to know more about the Education Lab? Contact  or You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

Educational culture: From the Education Lab we ensure that everyone involved in education gets to know each other better. We organize interesting educational meetings for teachers and educational staff and offer them the opportunities to experiment with the latest educational techniques. Since May 2020, we also offer online workshops. This is how we are building our VU educational culture.

Educational quality: The professionalization of teaching is of utmost importance to us. We stimulate the development of activities in the field of didactic and personal skills of teachers.
We disseminate knowledge about education widely via our website, via our LinkedIn page and through the official VU and Amsterdam UMC communication channels. 

Educational innovation: We  assist with small and large innovations in the field of education, didactics and ICT. We provide small grants to explore small new methods of education and assist with research into the effectiveness of the innovations. We also facilitate the successful upscaling of educational innovations