Postgraduate programmes at VU University Medical Center

HuisartsopleidingGeneral practitioner programme
The general practitioner programme at VUmc aims to train competent general practitioners. The emphasis is on being medically well-grounded and communicative. We realize this by focusing on practical learning and by being a learning organisation, responding to important developments in the field.
VerpleeghuisartsGeriatrics specialist programme
The geriatrics specialism is one of the 33 recognized medical specialisms. The programme takes three years and consists of a practical part (four days per week) and a theoretical part (one day per week).
Since 1989, the department of epidemiology and biostatistics provides the post-initial master education Epidemiology (formerly the postdoctoral education Epidemiology). The education is provided in collaboration with the interfacultary institute EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research.
 Medische vervolgopleidingenGeneral information continued medical education
VUmc offers 25 specialist programmes after the basic medical training. For an overview of all programmes and the application procedure, please see the KNMG website.