Gap Year Experience

Why Take a Gap Year?

The years after just completing high school are some of the most formative years of your life, and yet you are often given little to no direction on how to further your academic or professional career after school. As a result, you may end up enrolling in a bachelor programme without knowing what your options are, or else end up going back to school years later to complete a second degree because your original program choice was not well aligned with your career goals. By first taking a gap year, you can avoid years of wasted time studying a subject or program you are not interested in and instead develop a clear academic plan for your future as well as experience life as an international student in the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

VU Amsterdam Gap Year Experience

The VU Amsterdam Gap Year Experience provides you with the opportunity to experience life at a university as an international student, as well as life in the city of Amsterdam, before committing to a three or four year Bachelor's programme. Through the Gap Year Experience, you can try out courses in various different fields, or else choose a specific field of study at university level, so that you can choose the right field of study for you and already gain some valuable first-hand university experience.

Gap Year students will also enjoy a full programme of social activities, hands-on personal guidance and advising, guaranteed housing, and support services via the dedicated Gap Year Study Abroad Team.  

The VU Amsterdam Gap Year Experience will not only assist you in choosing an appropriate academic career, but it will help you learn to balance your academic career with the everyday demands of life as an international student. Find out which course package is right for you and begin your life as an international student in Amsterdam!

How to apply

The VU Amsterdam Gap Year Experience is organized for recent international high school graduates who wish to take a gap year before enrolling in a full degree program.

All you need to know

The VU Amsterdam Gap Year Experience allows students to gain first-hand university experience before choosing a three or four year bachelor program.

Practical Matters

In order to make sure your semester goes as smoothly as possible, there are several practical matters which should be taken care of before and after arrival. We are here to help you with each and every process.


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