Secondary courses Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences

Secondary subjects at the Faculty of Science

This page provides external students who are interested in taking a course at VU Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science with all the information they need about the range of available subjects and the admission requirements.
If you are a student at VU Amsterdam and want to take a course outside your own programme, please refer to the information on optional subjects available on VUnet.

Range of secondary subjects

In theory, you can take any course as long as you register as a secondary subject student with the programme concerned. In the study guide, you can see if a course has specific entry requirements. If you are unsure whether you meet the entry requirements shown, you should contact the course lecturer.

Admission requirements

The study guide will also tell you if there are only a limited number of places on the course.
Go to the general page on secondary subjects and follow the registration procedure.

Registering for a course

Once you are fully registered as a secondary subject student, you can go ahead and sign up for the course. Please keep in mind the registration terms.

Information on minors

A secondary subject is not the same thing as a minor. If you want to take a minor at the Faculty of Science, you will find all relevant information on the minors page.


If you have a question, you can contact one of the following departments (depending on the nature of your inquiry): 

  • Course content – if the study guide does not provide sufficient information, you can get in touch with the course lecturer. 
  • Registration procedure as secondary subject student – Central Student Services Desk 
  • Technical issues – IT Service Desk