Semester in Amsterdam

What is the Semester in Amsterdam Programme?
Semester in Amsterdam serves as the alternative to the Exchange Programme at VU Amsterdam and is also available to students who are not currently enrolled at a university. 

Semester in Amsterdam is an all-inclusive, non-degree programme for students wishing to study in Amsterdam for one semester or a full academic year. Through the Semester in Amsterdam Programme, applicants gain the freedom to select their own courses or follow a cohesive minor. Applicants choose from 1000+ English-taught courses in nine faculties and enjoy a full schedule of social activities as well as on-site advising and support.
Still not sure? Check out this video by our fabulous photographer, Camille! Or catch a glimpse of Amsterdam on our Instagram!

*Please note that the Semester in Amsterdam Programme is separate from the Exchange or Erasmus Programme at VU Amsterdam and is not a full degree programme. If you have been formally nominated by your home university to participate in Exchange and your university has a partnership agreement with VU Amsterdam, please see the Exchange Programme at VU Amsterdam. Not sure? Please contact the international office at your home university. Are you interested in completing a full degree at VU Amsterdam? You can apply to the specific programme of your choice here.

Why study in Amsterdam?
Welcome to the world’s most diverse city! With residents hailing from over 180 countries, Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Amsterdam's welcoming atmosphere and tolerant society is the true definition of the Dutch word "gezelligheid.”

Don’t speak Dutch? Don’t worry! English is the unofficial second language and is widely used all over Amsterdam. With 75 world-renowned museums, more than 350 festivals a year, and a 17th century canal ring which is now a UNESCO world heritage site, Amsterdam is a bustling cosmopolitan city with a small-scale feel which offers something for everyone. You can read more about the city of Amsterdam at

All You Need to Know

The choice to study abroad is a big decision followed by many more small, but significant, considerations. Where will I live? What courses will I take? Do I need a visa? How much will it cost? We are here to help!


Choosing your curriculum is the first step in your study abroad planning.

How to apply

Depending on your affiliation, you will follow a certain application procedure. Check below to see which applies to you.


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