Programme The Boardroom 2020-2021

Jille Tabak 2020
Talent development – 5 November 2020
Jille Tabak started out as a trainee at Unilever and is now Global HR Vice President for Marketing, Communications and Sustainability at Unilever. He will take you on his journey and outtake on personal development.
JacobineGeelIIPublic speaking – 10 December 2020 
Jacobine Geel is acclaimed TV presenter and chairs the board of Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGZ). She will work with you on authenticity in public speaking.
foto Domenica Biidu 2020
Equity, Inclusiveness and Diversity – 14 January 2021
Domenica Ghidei Biidu is an Human Rights Lawyer and independent strategic advisor on Equity, Inclusiveness and Diversity.
Taco Dibbits
Diversity and slavery – 18 February 2021
Since July 2016, Taco Dibbits has been the director of the Rijksmuseum. From February 2021 the museum will hold an exhibition devoted to the subject slavery. During this masterclass, Dibbits will explain the reason behind this subject and how it relates to the theme of diversity. 
Han Bouwmeester
Defense and overall security – 18 March 2021 
Han Bouwmeester is an Associate Professor Military Strategy and Land Warfare at the Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA). With a background in Political Science and International Relations, Bouwmeester is specialized in strategic decision-making, military strategy, and strategic communication as part of security policy. During his masterclass he will discuss defense and overall security, specifically focusing on external security and the misrepresentation mechanisms of Russia.
Anna Schoemakers
Environmental actions– 15 April 2021 
Anna Schoemakers is one of the two Executive Directors of the global environmental organization Greenpeace. Schoemakers kickstarted her role as co-director in 2016, when she - literally - hung between two windmills to block a ship transporting coal. Ten months later, the Dutch government announced a coal phase-out by 2030. Her masterclass takes you along the actions and impacts she has experienced as an environmentalist.

Project presentations & graduation ceremony – 17 June 2021

The Boardroom also includes:

  • 4 working sessions for your business case
  • A workshop by Boer & Croon
  • The VU Orchestra annual concert in The Royal Concertgebouw (January 2021).

By accepting your invitation to The Boardroom you commit yourself to attending every masterclass, working session and other planned activities. Dates and schedules may change last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

All masterclasses will be on location. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic a masterclass might be online depending on the circumstances.