The Boardroom Business Case

As part of the programme, you will work on a business case in groups.

• The case gives you the opportunity to put skills you learn into practice
• Alumni will ask your help and advice in finding a solution to a question they have
• You will work on the project in 4 working sessions and in your own time

Example case: VU Vereniging and Refugee project

The Boardroom business case in 2016-2017 was made possible by a generous grant from the Van Coeverden Adriani Stiching and VU Vereniging. While engaging the entire VU community with a successful social media campaign, The Boardroom 2016-2017 students helped the municipality of Amsterdam with new and creative approaches to the issue of integration of status holders in the city.

Watch this clip to get an impression of a business case of The Boardroom 2016-2017.