Second semester 2020-2021

Vrije Universiteit

  • All courses are 6 credits and in English unless it is stated otherwise
  • Courses with an asterix are open to first-year students (as well as 2nd and 3rd years)
  • Statistical Evidence *)
    only open for students who are familiar with statistics and probability theory
  • Thinking and Emotions *)

Amsterdam University College

AUC courses
  • AUC courses are only open to 2nd and 3rd year VU and UvA honours students
  • In case you want to take an AUC course it has to be your first choice on the registration form
  • Note that AUC courses last from February until June;only 2 to 4 places per course for VU and UvA honours students 
  • Students will be selected for this courses by AUC on base of the bachelor courses they completed as well as a short motivation you must upload a grade list and a short motivation letter on the registration form
  • Be aware that all classes at AUC are offered at day time so please check for possible overlap with your regular courses   
  • As a result of the Corona measures, the timetables will be subject to change